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Forum and Website Rules (Please read) Empty Forum and Website Rules (Please read)

Post by zelda_master_timmy on Mon Jun 22, 2009 12:49 pm

As great as a clan as we are and all, I need to make rules to keep everything clean. Moderators should know these rules and help enforce them. I keep track of every post that everyone does, and know if people get out of hand. I cant be on 24/7, this is why I will be assigning mods.

Here are the current rules:

1. No inappropriate language or inappropriate discussion. I'm adding censors to block inappropriate words. However remember that some words that are totally fine can be considered offensive if used the wrong way, keep that in mind. If you try to get passed the censors, this is censor bypassing and is against the rules. Strong sexual content may be considered inappropriate, same goes for suicide related subjects.

NOTE: On the chat box you can block inappropriate words automatically, which means you can use certain words not allow on the forum there.

2. No flaming, insulting, or baiting other users to do so. We're all in the same clan, I dont see a need for this to happen. If your having issues, settle them via PM or through another site. Not on the boards or chat box.

3. Spamming, bumping, and flooding topics are all prohibited. Spamming is posting anything that is offtopic. Bumping is posting simply to keep a thread on top of the forum. Flooding is posting copies of the same post over and over to gain post count or simply be annoying. Any posts specifically to gain a post count will be immediately deleted when noticed. Keep your posts over 3 words long please.

4. Posting, linking, or promoting offensive, disruptive, or illegal activities, are all against the rules. This includes links to viruses, pornographic material, unwanted pop ups or ads, and links to emulators or roms. Do not link to any websites or include images that show racism or hatred to any group of people. Do NOT post extremely large images as they may slow down some computers. Keep the images so they can fit on the screen without needing to scroll.

All these rules are effective on the forum AND on the chat box of this website. I have a point system in which I keep privately. If you collect enough points you will be banned for a amount of time depending on how many or which rules were broken. Please dont abuse the rules or try to get around them. This is simply a guideline and just because something isn't here, dont mean its right. You can be banned after one offense even if its not listed here, depending on how bad it is.

I can change these rules anytime. I will let anyone know of updates.


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